Go to bed. Sleep. Get out of Bed.


If going to bed worries you... the NIROPEDIC Lift & Tilt can help!

Our Mom, who lived to be 100 years old, had a bad fall when she was in her 80's, breaking her hip and arm. Wow, she went from very mobile to not, instantly. The Power Lift Recliner that's fully functional as a chair, a recliner and lifts as needed, was a godsend for her. But what to do about sleep? We needed a bed she could easily get into and out of without struggling, thus giving / allowing her independence in her home. And not a "METAL FRAMED HOSPITAL BED". Nope, not in her home!

So, Ron went to work with our mattress buyers, developing a sleep set like no other, anywhere, just for our Mom. This bed would lower, so Mom could just sit on the bed from her walker and then, would magically lift her so she could easily get out of bed to make the bathroom run (walker run). Of course once we saw how she loved it, and how her mobility returned to her, we knew this bed could help so many with any physical ailments or mobility limitations. Instead of this just being “Mom’s Bed”, we decided to carry it in our stores, and named it the NIROPEDIC Lift. 

It featured all of the traditional adjustable base functions, including our muscle-strain-relieving, lift and lower option. This sleep set actually lowers to a low of about 17" from the floor and can then lift vertically to approximately 26". This allows for anyone using a walker, to walk up to the sleep set (bed) and just sit down on it. No more struggling to get into bed. If you use a wheelchair, it can adjust to your seat height. Then, when it's time to get out of bed, all you do is push the button and the bed will lift you to the desired height, so you are not climbing out of bed, you are just getting assisted by the bed, back to your walker or wheelchair by being at the proper height needed. If you need assisted care, this will save your caretakers' back, arms so they can spend more time taking care of you and not trying to lift you. And it looks exactly like a traditional mattress and foundation!

But what else could it do?  We sat down at the drawing board and added a new element, the TILT feature. Thus dubbing it ... 

The NIROPEDIC Lift & Tilt.

Think of this as inclined Bed Therapy at the touch of a button. Google it. It's pretty impressive.

NIROPEDIC Lift & Tilt offers a feature that tilts your whole body, while still lying flat. This is the only sleep set to offer the ease of entry and exit out of your bed, by adjusting up and down with a Tilt feature. This helps with acid reflux, stopping the backflow of your digestive system, taking pressure off your airways to help with snoring and other sleep conditions. If you’re having hip, knee or shoulder surgery, NIROPEDIC Lift & Tilt is a game changer. This is the only adjustable base that will lower to your level, so you don’t have to climb to get into bed. Use the zero-gravity option, where both head and foot areas are inclined to help with circulation, back pain and swelling. All this comfort with one touch of a programmable remote featuring under bed LED lighting, flashlight and massage. Only NIROPEDIC Lift & Tilt allows for back, side and even stomach sleeping. NIROPEDIC Lift & Tilt is available exclusively at Cardi’s Furniture & Mattresses and cardis.com. We can deliver and set up anywhere in the U.S.A. excluding California.  

NIROPEDIC Lift & Tilt and our line of NIROPEDIC Lift recliners are also Universally Designed, meaning they both look and work as any other bed or chair but as you need the mobility functionality, with the touch of a button, you are on your way to Independence.

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