Function and comfort, why settle for one when you can enjoy both with a lift chair recliner? Including a power-seating system that raises from base to standing position with ease, these recliners provide aid to those with movement difficulty. Often utilized as a medical device, these recliners include a convenient remote control that offers easy access to the smooth transition from a seated position to standing. With an abundance of designs, fabrics, leathers and colors to choose from, these high-quality power recliners are a stylish and custom option that blends and balances your home, while providing a suitable space for watching TV, taking a nap and relaxing.


Providing senior citizens and those with muscular dystrophy, arthritis and a wide range of other medical conditions that lower mobility a low impact way to sit down and get up without assistance, owning a lift chair allows persons to maintain independence with the touch of a button. Lift chairs for elderly and those with low vitality feature an automatic system designed to reduce stress and preserve energy, reserving the users strength for other activities.

Lift chairs are built with an assortment of high-performance options and comfort features. Options including comfort gel-memory foam and high resiliency foam grant incredible comfort that gently conforms to the user's body, caressing and relaxing the muscles. Models may hold up to 350 pounds; supported by innerspring coil seating, steel seat box, and an engineered frame. These chairs feature heightened durability, creating a lasting and satisfying experience through years of regular usage.

Additionally, you can select a power lift chair that offers features such as power adjustable headrests and power lumbar advanced comfort features that allow the user to get the right amount of support. Durable motors and one cycle battery backup ensure reliability in the lift chair, and some chairs even offer a USB port in the wand so you can keep your electronics charged. With all of these features available, it's easy to customize your purchase to perfectly suit your living space and ensure that your lift chair recliner suits all of your needs.


There are three main types of lift chair available for purchase; these versions vary based on reclining configuration: two-position, three-position and infinite-position lift chairs.

The simplest of the variations, and often the most affordable, two-position lift chairs feature a two-stage mechanism that will partially recline to 45 degrees, providing exceptional comfort for casual users. Three-position chairs include a three-stage mechanism that offers multiple stages: straight, mid-way and full. This variation allows greater seating options and a moderate price point. Featuring a full range of reclining configurations, the infinite-position lift chair recliner uses an adjustable frame to provide an array of seating from upright to full-back, significantly boosting your comfort.

Which version you choose will depend on several factors, the main factors being, needs, usage, space and budget. An individual who experiences high levels of disturbance from muscle movement will find a three-position or infinite-position armchair highly favorable. However, someone who doesn't intend to spend large amounts of time using the seat may discover that a two-position piece will satisfy their needs.

You should also factor in size when selecting a lift chair. You can ensure that the chair does not interfere with your existing d├ęcor by taking your available living space into account and remembering to measure at the length the chair will be once fully reclined.

Available with various features and designs, power lift recliners provide exceptional comfort with user-friendly functionality over a durable frame; including side pockets with an abundance of storage space, a considerable amount of position configurations, and are available in a wide range of designs and fabric choices.

Plush padding and ample cushioning reduce aches and pains while gently cradling the user's body, providing a satisfying and lasting experience. Offering a solution to those who find excessive movement difficult or even painful, lift chairs for elderly individuals and those who experience low muscular strength feature a full-body support system that envelops the entire body in a feeling of luxury.

Cozy and inviting, lift chairs provide both comfort and convenience to those who require assistance entering and exiting a seated position; creating an inclusive environment, suitable for every family member, friend and guest.